Assessment and Homework

The National Curriculum is the basis of the school’s curriculum. During their first year, Reception class children are continually assessed using the national Foundation Stage Profile to enable planning of each child's individual curriculum. Progress is regularly discussed with parents/carers. As children reach the age of 7 and 11, (i.e. Years 2 and 6), they are assessed using national Standard Assessment Tasks and Tests (SATs). Non-statutory QCA tests are used to assess children in Years 3, 4 and 5. More importantly, throughout the year we have a process of ongoing assessment which involves the pupils and  Parents/carers to ensure that children’s progress is monitored and their learning is planned for - so that their own particular needs can be identified and addressed.

Each class teacher sets homework tasks for their class, the amount of work depending on the age of the child. This guides parents/carers who wish to play an active part in the learning of their children by making links with work currently being done in school. Regular reading time is an important part of home learning, and we encourage parents to share books with their children as often as possible. Spellings are given out to learn at home for tests in class. Pupils are also given Summer Holiday 'take home tasks' in preparation for each of the September 'Take One...' whole-school learning journeys.