Early Years (EYFS)

Early Years Foundation Stage

In their first year at Denton, children follow a child-centered, skills-based curriculum. Daily provision consists of a combination of child-initiated learning and teacher-directed learning. At the beginning of the year, the majority of the day will be child-initiated learning, with the balance gradually shifting as the year progresses. During child initiated learning, children are provided with extensive opportunities to develop their own skills and interests. This facilitates independent learning, improves social skills, and aids personal organisation. Children are assessed continually through recorded observations that inform future planning to ensure continual progression. Learning is focused on The Early Years Foundation Stage principles. These principles set the standards for learning, development and care. Foundation Stage children follow the revised EYFS curriculum.

This is made up of three Prime Areas of learning:

  •  Communication and Language
  •  Physical Development
  •  Personal, Social and Emotional Development

And four Specific areas of learning:

  •  Literacy
  •  Mathematics
  •  Understanding of the World
  •  Expressive Arts and Design

We deliver our curriculum through topics such as 'Once Upon a Time' (Fairy Tales), and 'Ship Ahoy!' (Pirates). Details of the topic cycle are available on the 'Curriculum Plan' documents below; details of our 'continuous provision' are also available below: 

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