Forest School

We started running Forest School sessions in Summer Term, 2018. If you don't know what Forest School involves, it is the provision of outdoor learning opportunities for pupils to develop skills in woodcraft, fire-lighting, cooking, shelter-building, using a range of tools to cut and shape wood, and knowing how to care for the environment. It also develops confidence, communication skills and collaboration. There is no written work involved during the sessions, but pupils keep an informal diary of their experiences after the sessions.
There is a great deal of training and preparation before children can light fires or use saws, but we feel that the benefits greatly outweigh the risks involved! One of our favourite things to do is 'Campfire Cooking': we toast marshmallows, make hot chocolate, cook hot dogs and roast potatoes. We have even tried boiling eggs and making popcorn!
At the moment, Forest School is limited to one year group, although we enable the other year groups to access sessions whenever possible.