Penguins (Year 3)

Welcome to Penguin class!
For the first term we will be learning all about rainforests around the world. We will be looking at different biomes, their climates, as well as the living things there.
We will be looking at how latitude impacts climate zones, paying particular attention to the Equator and the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Can you think why it is hotter near the equator?
We will also look at where different rainforests are located in the world as well as the different layers of the rainforest.
In maths, we have been enjoying our new scheme (Maths No Problem), which has helped us to learn place value using practical equipment. We have started to journal our ideas and we have started to get really good explaining and justifying our methods.
We have had a great time comparing 'A Bear Called Paddington' by Michael Bond to the recent films. The children could notice similarities and differences, and noticed a pattern of chaotic clumsiness to Paddington's adventures! This helped us to write our own Paddington adventures.
We have started to look at 'The Great Kapok Tree' by Lynne Cherry, and already the children have shown great enthusiasm in visualising and describing the rainforest, which has helped us to create and perform our own poems.