General information


General information

FADS: "Friends and Associates of Denton School"

FADS is an active and supportive group of parents and friends of the school, who arrange events for the pupils and their families.  

FADS arrange the Christmas fair and the school’s part in The Denton Community Challenge, as well as organising many other fundraising events, which have, in the past, included beetle drives, discos, summer fairs and non-uniform days. The events are designed to be fun, inclusive, and to raise money for the benefit of all the children at Denton.

Over the years FADS have enriched our school through paying for/subsidising things such as:

  • New cameras for the Early Years Classes
  • Books for the school library
  • Resources for Golden Time
  • Interactive Christmas shows
  • World art weeks
  • New computers
  • Exciting outdoor play equipment

All parents, staff and governors are automatically members of the Association and we, very much, welcome anyone willing to take an active interest to join the meetings. New ideas for both social and fundraising activities are always welcome, but particularly during these unprecedented times when some of our traditional events will need to be replaced by covid safe alternatives.

If you wish to become actively involved in FADS please contact Mrs C Norris (Chair of the committee) via email on:

If you are unable to spare any time but would like to make a donation to FADS please follow the PayPal link below.

Whatever your contribution, be it attending an event, becoming actively involved or making a donation; all are equally appreciated in showing support for our lovely school.

FADS Committee