Sea Horses (Year 2 )

Welcome to Sea Horse Class 
Sports Day 
Well we had a fabulous morning for our Sports Day today, the weather was beautiful and we had lots of fun! Thank you to everyone who came to watch and cheered us on!
Term 3 - Chinese School Day 
After researching what life is like in schools across China, we decided to have a Chinese School Day. We started the morning by listening to the Chinese National Anthem and then learnt numbers to 10 in  Chinese. During playtime, we had an exercise class to help build our fitness levels. After, we looked at some Chinese symbols and had a go at drawing our own! In the afternoon, we created a huge Chinese dragon with handprints and then tried some Chinese foods. 
Term 1
Our topic this term is 'Houses and Homes'. We will be using the story of the Three Little Pigs to create stories of our own all about houses and then learning alternative versions to design and make their own homes. In History and Geography, we will be exploring houses around the world and how houses have changed over time. In Science, we are linking our work on houses to explore materials and what we can use different materials for. In Numeracy, we are consolidating our place value knowledge using lots of concrete objects, counting in different steps and ensuring we are confident with numbers! Please look at our curriculum letter below to find out about all of the other exciting things we will be doing! 
Here are some great websites to use with lots of fun and exciting games to play!