Cross Country

19th January 2016
Denton's finest runners took part in the annual Newhaven and Peacehaven Schools Cross Country Championships on Tuesday in gruelling conditions! There were a whopping 32 runners in the team and they performed magnificently well, all returning to Denton as proud representatives of the school. Extra special congratulations go to Jasmine for finishing 3rd in the Year 5/6 girls race; Alfie for finishing 3rd in the Year 3/4 boys race and Klara for finishing 3rd in the Year 3/4 girls race. Lucas, however, went two better by winning the Year 5/6 boys race - amazing! Lucas and Jasmine of Year 6 and Kelly of Year 5 all qualified to compete at the District Finals! The very best of British to you all. 
In the overall competition, the Year 3/4 team finished 1st; what a phenomenal performance! And the Year 5/6 team finished 2nd. There are detailed results below: