Lobsters (Year 1)

Term 5 week 5 
Home Learning
Another incredible week of learning. You continue to all be fabulous, and are learning so many new skills. It was very exciting this week as everyone received their share of teh Giants gold that Jack had collected for you. You all listened to Jacks recount of the castle and wrote about what it was like at the top of the beanstalk. There has also been some incredible maths happening with very big numbers. Working out how many coins Jack found if everyone got 4. I'm very impressed. Well done all of you. Here are your pictures. 
Week 4 Term 5 Home Learning
Another week of amazing things happening at home. Well done all of you. You have written you instructions for Jack so I will send them up the beanstalk tomorrow. There has been alot of shape exploring and sorting. Also you have been looking at maps and thinking about North South East and West, and where you live. 
Well done all of you. 
Week 3 Term 5 Home Learning
Another amazing week. There has been a lot of cake making and eating. Well done. You have also found out a lot about V.E day. Well done for your non-fiction writing about how to make a victoria sponge and also what V.E day is all about. Here are some pics of the week. 
I wonder who will win the plate decorating competition? It will be announced next week. Enjoy the sunshine.
Week 2 Term 5 Home Learning
Amazing things have been happening this week with magic beans and beanstalks growing through my greenhouse window! Here are pictures of you learning how to climb a tree to help us with our beanstalk climbing instructions. Lots of bean measuring and finding the difference. 
Well done on another fab week. 
Week 1 Term 5 Home Learning
Welcome back after the Easter break, and I hope you didn't eat too much chocolate. 
Our topic this term is Planet Earth so lots to think about.
This week you have been celebrating Earth Day, creating Planet Earth pictures and sculptures. You have thought about the things you are thankful for in this world, and how to save the planet. You have also started to look at the United Kingdom where you live and what the flag looks like and why.
In maths you started to estimate measurements, and think about measuring using centimetres.
You all continue to be amazing and I love seeing what you are all getting up to. Here are pictures from the week so you can all have a look, and maybe get some inspiration.
Enjoy the sunshine you lovely Lobsters.
Week 2 of home learning.
See below the amazing things you've all been doing. We have had lots of maze building and drawing, and you have learnt your directions brilliantly. You have made some gorgeous egg people by blowing and decorating them. You have written some great Easter stories and instructions. Well done everyone. Have a fab 2 weeks. Thank you grown ups for all your support in their learning during these strange times. You all look like you're having lots of fun, so well done.
Look at the pictures below to see all sorts of home learning.
Week 1 of schools closing. 
All the lovely rainbows created by you all. 
Welcome to Lobster Class 2019 - 2020
All the children have settled in really well.
They have enjoyed learning about what the school was like 50 years ago!
We are now enjoying lots of leaf gathering, conker counting and leaf rubbing to help us understand Autumn.
Please see the curriculum letter for terms 1 and 2.