Lobsters (Year 1)

Welcome to Lobster Class Page!
The Lobster Class are in Year 1 and are very kind, well-mannered and hard-working children who love coming to school to play with their friends and challenge themselves with new learning.
Mrs Kimmelman and Mrs Wright are very proud of the Lobsters and how well they have started 2017! 
If you have any questions regarding any events happening in Lobster Class, please do not hesitate to come and speak to an adult.
(Please refer to the Lobster Curriculum Letter for other important dates for this term.)
Our learning journey this term is...
Take One Song - Yellow Submarine
The Key Stage 1 classes were very lucky to have a visit from Margaret Kimber who works for the RNLI.  She spoke to the children about beach safety and told them about the important works of the lifeboat services.  The children enjoyed dressing up and role-playing different scenarios to help them learn the best ways of staying safe around water.
The Lobsters have been sorting and describing 2D and 3D shapes!
Grandparents Afternoon
The Lobsters and Dolphins thought about their grannies, grandads, nannies and papas (and all the other names for them!) and did some lovely writing about why they are special to them.
They invited them to an afternoon of yummy cake to share their writing.
Wednesday, 4th November 2015
Today the Lobsters had a visit from Kate Carter, our Police Liaison Officer.
She spoke to the children about ways of staying safe when they are out and about.
The Lobsters learned that they should find a 'safe stranger' if they got separated from their adult in a shop.  This would probably be someone in the shop uniform and they would be found by the tills.
She also told the children that it was a very good idea to learn their addresses and home phone numbers - and to check that they knew their mummy and daddy's real names!
Kate explained that 999 is an emergency phone number and when it should, or should not, be dialled.
The Lobsters listened very carefully and enjoyed looking at photographs of the different police vehicles and jobs.
They all looked very smart in their police hats and helmets!
A Miracle In Town!
Our KS1 Christmas performance was fantastic and the Lobsters did a very convincing job of being angels!
Thank you for your help with costumes and for coming to support the children, they were very excited!
In RE this term the Year 1 children have been learning about Christian beliefs, celebrations and festivals. The Lobsters had a go at Baptising a baby, before their trip to St Leonards Church in Denton where they saw Reverend Louis do it over a real font!
The Lobsters have been so busy and creative in Art!
They learnt about the works of many famous artists, such as Mondrian, Lichtenstein and Matisse, and created their own masterpieces based on these works of art.
They also celebrated Diwali and Bonfire Night by making firework pictures using salt painting!
The Lobsters looked fantastic today!  
We had a super time sharing books with the Starfish Class.
Lobster Class Assembly - 17th March 2016
The Lobsters showed their super adjectives and Science learning in their Class Assembly.  They have really enjoyed our animals topic this term!
What a superb Year 1 choir they are!
Well done, Lovely Little Lobsters.
Chinese New Year
The Lobsters celebrated the Chinese Festival with some food tasting and art - their Chinese Dragon puppets were fantastic!
In RE this term, Year 1 are learning about stories from the Bible.  After listening to Noah's Ark, the Lobsters made their own rainbows and wrote promises, just like Noah did to God.
They have really brightened up the classroom!
This term we are learning about Plants in Science.
The Lobsters turned green-fingered gardeners and planted a sunflower seed and a bean seed to watch carefully over the next few weeks.
We learnt about the Wright Brothers in History and the invention of the aeroplane. 
We made our own aeroplanes and raced them!