About and Aims

About our School

Our school was opened in 1969. We are a primary school with our own nursery class; we work with children aged 3-11 years. Currently, we have 240 pupils on roll.
Many of our pupils come from the villages of Denton and South Heighton, but others travel from neighbouring towns and villages, including Seaford and Newhaven.
We are part of a teaching and learning alliance (Newhaven Management Initiative) that includes local primary schools and Seahaven Academy, our local secondary school. We share resources, skills and expertise; we are committed to improving the life chances for the children and young people of Newhaven. In addition, we meet regularly for sports tournaments, music festivals and curriculum enrichment. Recently, we have become part of a larger, area, group of schools in order to maximise our opportunities for school improvement.

Our School's Aims and Values
 Our vision for our school is to achieve high standards and excellent progress, providing care, challenge and opportunity for all of our pupils. We want to ensure a positive work-life balance and reflective learning culture for every member of our school community. We pride ourselves on our caring environment and the close interaction between pupils of different year groups. We operate a very popular and successful buddy system, for example. Better never stops at Denton CP School.