Pelicans (Year 2)

Welcome to Term 5
Planet Earth
This term will be a different one but hopefully you will be enjoying your learning at home. We will be posting some of your pictures on here so that you can share with friends and family, and not just those on DoJo. 
Week 4 and 5 learning
It has been lovely to see all your learning this term and look forward to seeing more after half term. Here is the learning from the past 2 weeks. 
Week 3  - 4th May 
Home learning
Hopefully you all know how to climb a tree and can give clear instructions to anyone who can't. It will be really helpful for next week when I attempt to climb the beanstalk at the end of the week. 
You learning this week
A lovely mix of work this week. Keep sending us your work. We love to see it. 
Week 2 - 27th April
Home Learning
Another good week of learning. Lots to share
More lovely thankful poems this week
Great science this week. Lots of planting. Let's hope they all grow. 
And some other exciting science you have been doing at home. 
RE - Baptism
Lovely to see some RE as we were meant to go to the church last term to learn about baptism. 
A mixture of different art work completed this week at home. 
Learning the 5 Oceans of the world
Term 5 Week 1 - 20th April
WOW! What amazing work you have done this week. You and your families should be very proud of what you have achieved. The Denton Staff have also been achieving something at home but you will have to wait and see it. 
Here is a selection of the work you have been doing from this week. 
Thankful Poems
Amazing ideas from you all. 
Lots of great plants being labelled. You are great artists as well. 
Maths - money, money, money
Great Art work 
Very creative budding artists.
Geography Learning
Different ways to learn through maps, singing and using a globe. 
And of course having fun, fun, fun.
Important to have time to relax and enjoy the lovely weather and eat good food.