Penguins (Year 3)

Mountains, Rivers and Coasts
Here is our homework grid for the topic. Please try and complete as many as possible by the end of the year.
The Romans
We have really enjoyed learning about The Romans this term. This work will continue after February half term. See below our homework grid. Please try and complete at least 2 projects by the Easter holidays.
You can build your own mosaic using the link below.
Have fun! 
Robert Burns
In honour of the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns, we have been learning the Highland Fling. Feel free to have a go at home. The music we have been dancing to is below but any music in the count of 4 will do.
Have a lovely Christmas Holiday and joyful New Year
We look forward to seeing you in 2017
Thank you for all your support during the term. The children have done some fantastic work.
Our carol service last night was a great success many thanks for all your donations. We raised £45.86 for our class charity World Wildlife Fund.
End of term class reward.
Christmas cupcake decorating.
Very lovely.
Ho Ho Ho!
Well done everyone for the fantastic costumes and effort that went into our KS2 Christmas Play. I'm sure you will all agree they did a great job.
Important Dates
Back to school on Wednesday 4th January 2017
We will start the term learning about staying healthy. We will then move into our Romans topic.
Look at all the fun we had during our chocolate making workshop. We hope you enjoyed your chocolate truffles.