Penguins (Year 3)

Welcome to Penguins!
Working from Home
The Penguins have been doing a ton of brilliant work over on Class Dojo. We wanted to share some of this super work with everyone so here it is. Take a look at the pictures below. Big thanks to everyone who is supporting the children's learning at home!
Mapping Denton
Penguins took a trip around Denton to explore some of the village's main features. We sketched some of the eye-catching buildings and, later, we created maps of our journey.
Penguins decided to tidy up our quiet garden area. We pulled out all of the weeds and then planted lots of new things, kindly donated to us by Paradise Park! 
Orienteering at Newhaven Fort 
We had lots of fun learning how to read a map and finding the flags hidden around Newhaven Fort! 
Harry Potter Book Day
On Thursday 7th February 2019, we celebrated the wonderful world of Harry Potter with lots of exciting Harry Potter and Hogwarts themed activities! Children loved the photo booth!
Fun in the snow!
Footage of our Roman Battle, please note no children or Romans were harmed in the making of this video! I think we can safely say all children really enjoyed becoming Romans for the week!
Rotten Romans!
Our topic for Terms 3 and 4 is the Romans. We have begun our Literacy learning by pretending to become Roman Legionnaires. We made shields, swords and helmets then began our Roman solider training. Here is us learning to march like Romans and our first training session in combat!
Christmas Decoration Morning 
Thank you to all who came in on our Christmas Decoration morning to help us with our making. We had lots of fun, especially making snowmen cookies!
Pictures from our Literacy learning. We became Rainforest Explorers and entered the Amazon Rainforest searching for species of monkeys.
Our Class Assembly on our Literacy learning. We became Rain forest Explorers and visited the Amazon Rain forest. 
WW1 Centenary Show 
On Tuesday 25th September we were lucky enough to have Marcus Dilly in from Creative History to teach us all about World War 1 as we prepare to remember the 100th Anniversary of the end of the war. As you can see the show was really engaging and fun! The children learnt a huge amount about conditions in the trenches and why it's so important to remember the soldiers who lost their life during the war. 
Scoot Fit
On Tuesday we enjoyed a Scoot Fit session! We were all given scooters to ride around on whilst music played in the background! We really enjoyed going around the obstacle course but the scoot disco was the BEST! We were really tired after our session had finished!
British Divers Marine Life Rescue
Today we found out how our charity, The British Divers Marine Life Rescue, rescue animals that have become stranded on the beach. They brought inflatable mammals including seals, a dolphin and a whale! We head great fun learning how to rescue the animals. 
So Sussex Water Cycle Session 
Today we welcomed Paul and Sarah from So Sussex who taught us all about the water cycle. We had to order the process of the water cycle and try to put actions to each step. Then we learnt about how we can filter dirty water using just leaves! It was great fun, although a little wet!
Orienteering at Newhaven Fort
We had an amazing time at Newhaven Fort learning how to read maps and follow directions. We had to find the codes hidden on 12 flags all around the fort, which meant lots of running! By the time we got back from school we were exhausted!
Lower Key Stage 2 trip to Tidemills Beach 
Despite the weather Penguins had a lovely day at Tidemills beach. So Sussex took us on a scavenger hunt to find interesting objects on the beach. We then had to sort these into natural and man made objects. After this we created pictures from the objects we had collected. Our final task was to create the biggest stone tower!
For our 'Wondrous World' topic we investigated where some of the fruits found in our supermarkets actually come from, and of course we had to try them! 
World Book Day was very exciting! We had some fabulous costumes ranging from a dictionary to Jack and the beanstalk to the characters from Alice in Wonderland. We enjoyed a Mad Hatters tea party at Lunch. We spent the day looking at the book 'Fossil' by Bill Thomson. We made our own fossils out of plaster of paris and created storyboards for our own fossil stories!
We just had to go out and enjoy the snow!
Our first activity was to work as a team to create a world puzzle. It was trickier than it looked!
Term 3 and 4
Our topic this term is called 'Our Wondrous World'. We are learning all about other countries around the world, endangered animals, our environment and much more! 
Check out some of our amazing Viking homework projects!
With Christmas time approaching we decided to invite parents in for a Christmas making morning, where, with their help, we made reindeer food, built snowman, made snow globes and tree decorations and painted glass jars to make tealight holders!
We finished our Term 2 Topic on the Vikings by designing and building our very own Viking long ships! We are very proud of them!
In RE we have been looking at Judaism. One of the ways that Jewish people celebrate Sukkot is by building a Sukkah. We had a go at building our own Sukkah using sticks and leaves that we found in the playground.
For our Rocks topic we created our own volcanoes by mixing vinegar, washing up liquid and bicarbonate of soda together! Then we added red food colouring to make it look like lava!
We were very excited when The Hurstmonceux Science Centre came in and taught us all about energy!
Mountains, Rivers and Coasts
Here is our homework grid for the topic. Please try and complete as many as possible by the end of the year.
The Romans
We have really enjoyed learning about The Romans this term. This work will continue after February half term. See below our homework grid. Please try and complete at least 2 projects by the Easter holidays.
You can build your own mosaic using the link below.
Have fun! 
Robert Burns
In honour of the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns, we have been learning the Highland Fling. Feel free to have a go at home. The music we have been dancing to is below but any music in the count of 4 will do.
Have a lovely Christmas Holiday and joyful New Year
We look forward to seeing you in 2017
Thank you for all your support during the term. The children have done some fantastic work.
Our carol service last night was a great success many thanks for all your donations. We raised £45.86 for our class charity World Wildlife Fund.
End of term class reward.
Christmas cupcake decorating.
Very lovely.
Ho Ho Ho!
Well done everyone for the fantastic costumes and effort that went into our KS2 Christmas Play. I'm sure you will all agree they did a great job.
Important Dates
Back to school on Wednesday 4th January 2017
We will start the term learning about staying healthy. We will then move into our Romans topic.
Look at all the fun we had during our chocolate making workshop. We hope you enjoyed your chocolate truffles.