Puffins (Reception)

 Welcome to Term 5 in Puffin Class!
This term our Learning Journey is all about ‘All Creatures Great and Small.’ We will be reading books by the great author Eric Carle. Information books will help us find out about different creatures throughout the term too. Look out for some creatures in our class! We will be watching them grow and change before setting them free. What creatures do you think we will be looking after? 
Wow  Look at how are caterpillars are changing. They have now made their chrysalis's and we are waiting for the butterflies to emerge. This should take about 14 days. We are all so excited, we can't wait to see them.
The butterflies have emerged today!
We saw two of them come out of their chrysalis! We have been watching them all day. Now we will feed them fruit and sugar water. When they have all emerged we will set them free.
Watch one of our Painted Lady butterflies emerging from the chrysalis.
It's amazing!
We all dressed up for World Book Day. Can you spot your friend? Which character did they dress as?
We finished our Space Learning Journey with a special dressing up day. We read alien stories, sang space songs and ate the moon rocks we had made! We had great fun!
We have had great fun this term learning how to move in different ways and in different directions.  We had to stick to the rules on the apparatus so that we all stayed safe.
Well done to Puffin Class! We raised £83.15 for Children in Need by sticking coins to Pudsey Bear and dressing up for the day. What an amazing amount!
Many thanks to your families too.
We enjoyed meeting our buddies. We showed them around our setting and we played together. They will be helping us out in the dinner hall and playground this year.
Here are some photographs of us exploring our new environment and making friends with all of the
Puffins and Sealions.