Puffins (Reception)

Setting the butterflies free! 
All the butterflies have emerged now! 
Friday 15th May
What a lovely sunny morning! Let’s be creative today! 
Have you heard of origami? Well it’s when you fold paper in different ways to make things. Below is a link to make a ladybird corner bookmark. Just follow the step by step instructions and you’ll have your own amazing bookmark! There are lots of painted rocks about in the parks at the moment. Why don’t you have a go at painting your own ladybird rocks. Remember not all ladybirds are red, you could make two or three and hide them in a park for someone to find! 
Jake loved watching the bees with Jess on Wednesday. Have a go at Cosmic Yoga, today it is Enzo the Bee!
Thursday 14th May
Today can you think back to when you were at school and the different things you did throughout the day? Can you order the events and talk about what time of day these events happen? Use your clock to make the times of the different events. There is a link below if you want to cut and stick your daily routine. 
Ask Mum or Dad to log on to Oxford Owl today. There are some free ebooks that you can read. They have activities to complete after you have read the books. Choose a book that is your level so you can have a go at blending the sounds to read the words. I found 3 bug books, An Odd Bug, Big Bad Bug and The Web, they all sound great! 
Have a good day
Wednesday 13th May
Hello Puffins! I loved seeing all your clocks yesterday and seeing you all having a go at telling the time, well done! 
Today we’re going to think about why the ladybird in our story was so mean! Watch the Cosmic Yoga Zen Den to discover why some people and ladybirds are mean. Pretend you are the ladybird today. Can you write a simple letter to one of the animals to say how sorry you are? A letter usually starts with Dear and ends with from, Have a go! 
Find out more about other bugs with Jess. Look out for the Painted Lady butterflies, ours will emerge as these soon! Can you also tell me what bug family the ladybird belongs to, listen carefully.
Tuesday 12th May
Yesterday we made a clock! Today can you use your clock to practise telling the time. In the story there were o’clock times where the big hand points to the 12 and the little hand points at a number. Practise your o’clock times first then have a go at half past the hour, where the big hand points at the 6.
Use the links to help you. There is a song and a clock demonstrator too. Talk with your Mum and Dad about the times you do things in the day. E.g. at 8 o’clock we have breakfast, at 10 o’clock we go for a walk.
There is a traditional rhyme about a ladybird to sing along to as well today. 
Enjoy your day, Mrs H.
Hello Puffins!
I hope you had a lovely weekend in the sun.
Today you can watch the story about a very grumpy ladybird, The Bad Tempered Ladybird link is below. 
Throughout the story there was a clock telling the time. Have a go at making a ladybird clock ready for what we will do tomorrow. You could use an old cereal box, paint or colour it red and add a long and a short hand. Look at a real clock or watch to see where to write the numbers. 
Look how busy Puffin Class have been!
Look at all the AMAZING learning we have been doing at home!
You have all been so busy and your parents have been very inventive with their activities! Look through the photo gallery to get some new ideas that you could have a go at.
Have you joined our Puffin Class Dojo yet? Mums and Dads check your emails and sign up! You can share your child’s learning by posting photographs and videos with captions. Your child will receive points for all kinds of good learning, from exercising to singing to writing and number work. Join in the fun!