Puffins (Reception)

Welcome to Puffin Class!
It's our last term in Puffin Class!
The chicks came to visit Puffin Class today. We were very quiet and gentle when we held them. One of the chicks had only hatched the day before! They were very soft and had very loud cheeps! We put them back safely in their warm bed.
So far you have raised £223.50p from the Sponsored Egg Roll.
That's AWESOME!!!!
Today we took part in our Sponsored Egg Roll for our charity 'Whoopsadaisy.' We all had great fun racing our eggs down the hill. Stanley managed to roll the longest distance of 30 funny feet! Thank you for the sponsor money so far. There will be a total for you when it has all been collected. :)
We have had lots of fun learning about
Down on the Farm this term!
We began the year by learning about how to stay fit and healthy. We threaded fruit onto skewers in repeating patterns to make kebabs, they were delicious! We found out about diffeent food groups and how some foods, like sugar, should only be eaten as a treat. We read information books about teeth and visiting the dentist. We practised brushing the big teeth using small circular movements. We enjoyed being very active on the gym trail on Friday. Sing our 'Five a Day' song at home, (to the tune of 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive).
Five a Day
1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
We feel fit and so alive!
We always eat our 5 a day.
Because we know
it's the very best way!
Today we had fun watching our Christmas Pantomime 'The Jungle Jingle.'
All ready for our Christmas Performance!
They were all AMAZING!!
We have been enjoying our 'Once Upon a Time' learning journey. Here is some of the learning we have been doing. Look out for our dressing up day, we all looked FAB!
Every year Puffin Class support a charity and we have lots of fun raising money for it. This year our charity is Whoopsadaisy. It is a Sussex based Charity based in Brighton that helps children with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities and their families. To find out more visit their website- http://www.whoopsadaisy.org/
Thank you for making money daisies for our charity.
They look amazing! Mrs Vidler counted all our daisy money and you have raised £48.94 so far. Great!
Today we pretended to be Goldilocks. There was lots of porridge tasting. We wanted to find out which was Puffins favourite porridge. We tasted five different flavours. It was not too hot or too cold! Look at the pictogram we made.
Can you work out which is the most popular porridge?