Sea Lions (Nursery)

Tuesday 7th April 
Hello everyone. Thank you for the lovely new photos you sent overnight. I've added them to our amazing album. 
Today we are thinking more about eggs. Watch the Come outside video about eggs and you'll find out that other creatures come from eggs too. There is a nice cutting and sorting activity where you can investigate which animals hatch from eggs. The video below is me reading one of our favourite stories... The gruffalo. You could read along with me! There are 2 creatures in this sssstory that hatch from eggsssss, can you guess which onesssss???
I've put some extra activities up here to do with pattern and eggs to keep you busy over the next few days. I'll also be reading you one of my favourite stories about pattern tomorrow.
Take good care everyone!
Mrs D
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Pattern and egg activities to keep you busy over the Easter weekend!
We are thinking about pattern. I'm reading  you a silly story about patterns. Can you go on a pattern hunt in and around your home? A pattern is something that happens again and again. Can you find patterns such as stripes and spots? You might look at fences, bricks, in your wardrobe... there are patterns everywhere!
The next activity is a pairs game. Jumble patterned socks in a bag. take 2 out.. are they a pair? How do you know? Talk about the patterns on the socks.
Can you use something from home to make a repeating pattern? remember a repeating pattern has an element that keeps appearing again and again so that you can guess what comes next.
Finally try designing your own patterned Easter eggs> I've put a template sheet for you here.
Have a lovely Easter break everyone.
Mrs D  
Monday 6th April
Hello everyone. It's Mrs Dicksee here again. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. 
Last week we had a story about the Little Red Hen and this week we are going to think some more about hens, chicks and eggs ready for Easter! 
I'm putting up 2 videos today, one about the life cycle of a chicken and one with a link to a story from me about another hen who went for a walk.  I wonder if you can order the pictures of the life cycle of a chicken yourself? I've added a sheet below for you to try. 
I've also put up a chick cutting activity. remember to use one hand to hold your scissors and one hand to hold the paper!
Have fun, stay safe and see you again tomorrow.
Friday 3rd April 
Hello everyone! It's Mrs Dicksee here. Thank you all for your fantastic photos. I've put them all in our weekly album. You have all been so busy and I am so proud of you for all the amazing home learning you are doing. Your beanstalks look amazing... soon they will reach the clouds and you can go on a real adventure!
All week we have been thinking about the Little Red Hen and her bread making. Today I've put up some ideas related to bread. maybe you could try to make a pizza or maybe you could use flour to make dough to play with. Some recipe are included below. 
If you can't make dough or pizza then maybe you could try re-telling the story of the little red hen using different characters or making a different thing. Mrs Ashdown has written her own version and you can read it below. 
Have a lovely weekend everyone and see you back here on Monday for some Easter fun!!
Thursday 2nd April
Hello everyone. It's Mrs Dicksee here. Thank you for sending in your lovely photos, I've added them to this week's album below. 
Today's activity is all about feelings. How do you think the Little Red Hen felt when nobody would help her? Talk with your grown-up about her feelings. Then have a think about what happens when you feel cross or angry. 
Draw a picture of yourself or work with someone to draw round your body. Think about what happens in your body when you are cross or angry. What happens to your eyes? your mouth? your hands? your heart beat? 
Talk with your grown-up about how you can calm down if you feel cross or angry. I've put some mindfulness links to try, below. 
Lastly, think about how good it is to be helpful. Can you think of 2 helpful things you can do in your family? I would love to hear about ways in which you have helped at home today.
See you again tomorrow,
Mrs Dicksee
Wednesday 1st April.
Happy April Fools Day everyone. Can you tell a silly joke today?
Here is mine... What do you call a donkey with 3 legs ? A wonky donkey!
I hope you enjoyed your Little Red hen story. Yesterday we learnt all about how bread is made from wheat. Today, we are going to learn a bit more about where our food comes from. 
There's a sheet below that you can print and match or just open and discuss. Where do you think eggs and crisps come from? 
Today, choose 10 items from your food cupboard, fridge or fruit bowl. Talk about where all of them might come from. Lay them out on a table and cover them with a cloth. Ask a grown up to sneakily take one away. Can you guess what is missing. Make it harder by taking 2 or 3 things away and guessing what has disappeared. This is an activity we use at school to develop listening and attention skills. 
See you again tomorrow.
Mrs Dicksee 
Monday 30th March 
Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Did you make up any crazy stories? Miss Cole made up (and acted out) the story of The Enormous Carrot. You can read it below. Mrs Ashdown has been busy writing you a story too. Hers is about the Little Red Hen growing some vegetables. 
This week our story is ' The Little Red Hen."  You can find a link to the video of the story below. Watch the video and think about the characters. Can you make your own stick puppets and re-tell the story with these? I've put some characters you could print off and stick onto pencils, or you could have a go at drawing your own with a grown-up or bigger sibling. 
We'll do lots of lovely activities related to this story through the week.
Have a lovely day.
Mrs Dicksee 
Tuesday 31st March
I hope you all enjoyed the story of The Little Red Hen. There are some lovely photos of Ollie and jack doing related activities in this week's album. Today we are going to find out a bit more about bread. First, watch the Come Outside episode where Aunty Mable and Pippin find out how bread is made (see link below), then try to put the pictures in the right order using the word document I've attached below. If you haven't got a printer, don't worry, you can just talk to your child about the order the things happen. 
It was so nice to see a picture of James reading his book. Are you all managing to share stories. I want to read the children a story everyday but I'm unsure whether it is best to upload a video or whether they would prefer it through an online forum such as zoom. Let me know your thoughts via email and then we can get started!
Have fun today and take good care,
Mrs Dicksee
Please find below some websites I think you may find useful.
Hungry Little Minds is a fantastic resource with links to activities and apps suitable for 3-5 year olds.
Twinkl is a resource used by teachers for printable worksheets. They are offering Parents a free membership using the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS.
PHONICS PLAY is a website we use at school. Try the Phase 1 games. Some of our children are beginning Phase 2 and could try some of these activities too. Free user name is: march20 and password is: home.
Teach your monster to read is a brilliant app for our children who are heading into Reception next year. 
I've included a social story about the virus. This is a really simple story which may help you to answer some of the children's questions.