Sharks (Year 5)

Welcome to Shark Class 
Summer Term 2020 
Term 5 and 6 
Stone Age to Iron Age 
Welcome to the Summer Term! Our topic for this long term is 'The Stone Age to Iron Age'. 
Each week I will post the learning activities to be thinking about at home. I will also be adding photos of learning you are completing at home each Friday so make sure you come back and have a look to see what you'll all getting up too! 
Below is some really good websites to use which will give you lots of information all about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. 
Happy Learning! 
Week 5 Home Learning
Well, we have made it to the end of Term 5! Another great week of learning from you! Also lots of messages about getting out on walks and enjoying the sunshine which is great to hear!  No learning tasks next week as it's 'Half Term' but shorter learning tasks will be available as we head into Term 6! 
Week 5 - 18.05.2020
This week we continue our learning on 'How to wash a woolly mammoth',  this time using the structure of the story to write your own set of instructions on cleaning a Stone Age creature of your choice. 
In Maths, we are looking at Venn diagrams and sorting data dependant on different variables. 
Guided Reading is chapter 5 of Stig of the Dump and your foundation subjects all link in with your chosen Stone Age animal for Literacy. Create a fact file about that animal, draw their crazy hairstyles and design a machine to get that animal into the bath! Enjoy! 
Week 4 Home Learning 
And we have reached the end of another week at home and I am so impressed with how well you are all managing with working from home! Some great work again this week! 
Week 4 - 11.05.2020
Subtraction this week! Lots of number sentences to be working through, remember to borrow from the next column if you need! 
In Literacy, a wonderful text called 'How to wash a woolly mammoth'. A set of instructions on how to care for a mammoth. I have linked your foundation subjects this week to this story as well so hopefully so fun, hands on tasks to be completing this week! Enjoy!
Week 3 Learning from Home
Another great week of working in Shark Class. I'm really proud of how well you are all managing at home, keeping on going with your work and still doing it with a smile! Keep it up Sharks! 
Week 3 - 05.04.20
We are moving away from our learning around Cave Baby this week and starting a new unit on poetry. I have chosen 'The Stone Age' by Michael Rosen, a light and humerous poem all about life in the Stone Age. Your job is to have a go at writing your own Stone Age poem and perform it in a short video! 
In maths we are moving back to addition, you have lots of problems to work on including missing digits and word problems. Guided Reading is chapter 3 of Stig of the Dump and our foundation subjects begin to explore Stone Age fossils and famous UK Stone Age landmarks. 
Week 2 Learning from Home 
Another busy week in Sharks this week, I have read some really great Cave Baby stories this week and learnt so many new facts about Stone Age tools!  As always Sharks, I am proud of you all! 
Week 2 - 27.04.2020
This week we continue our learning on 'Cave Baby'. I'd like to see your story writing, using the 'Cave Baby' model but inserting your own characters and setting. In maths, we are focusing on perimeter whilst also keeping up your times tables practice on TTRS and 'Hit the button'. Guided reading is Chapter 2 of 'Stig of the Dump' and in your foundation subjects, we start to think about tools used in the Stone Age. 
Our Week 1 Learning from Home
WOW! What busy bees we have in Sharks Class! Loads of absolutely fabulous work going on at home this week and some fabulous outfits and help from furry friends as well! 
Week 1 - 20.04.2020
This week we are using the text 'Cave Baby' by Julia Donaldson to explore early prehistoric life. The activities this week will support children in finding out about the three stages of the Stone Age, Stone Age settlements, animals that lived and how prehistoric humans used cave paintings. 
We begin Guided Reading with the first chapter of Stig of the Dump by Clive King along with comprehension questions to be thinking about as you go. 
In Maths, we are exploring measurements. Don't forgot to keep practising your times tables throughout!