Turtles (Year 4)

Check out our 3D shapes!
Recorder Concert
Wednesday, 5th July
Congratulations to all the Turtles for an outstanding performance in their recorder concert!  The audience had nothing but wonderful things to say about your playing!
You have worked very hard at learning to play an instrument this year and it has paid off!
Thank you to family and friends who came to support us and of course to Mrs Blythe from the East Sussex Music Service for her sessions each week.
Reading with the Puffins!
Reception came to see us on Friday to hear our published versions of 'The Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea'!
The Turtles have been working with So Sussex and The Living Coast Project as part of their 'Mountains, Coasts and River' topic in Geography.  They are now experts on the Water Cycle and know the best way to filter river water!  They really enjoyed the two sessions they had and have remembered lots of facts and vocabulary.
The Turtles were very lucky to have a visit from Margaret Kimber, a volunteer with the RNLI.  She spoke to them about what the Institute does and what an important emergency service having a Coastguard is.  The Turtles learnt about what the different flags meant that they would see at the beach and how to stay as safe as possible.
Groombridge Place
Friday, 16th June
Glorious Geography Projects!
The Turtles entertained their audience this morning with a plethora of informative PowerPoints, fact books and posters and some incredible model-making!
Well done everybody (including parents), I thought you did a fantastic job!
Orienteering at
Newhaven Fort
The Turtles had a fantastic morning at the Fort; learning compass points and map symbols, and then working as a team to follow a map.
Well done to our Turtles who took part in the athletics postcard competition and congratulations to Brooke for winning the KS2 prize.
Also, big well done to Katie who was awarded class MVP from Coach!
Denton Marathon!
The Turtles worked together for their 30 minute contribution of our school marathon and put in a real effort to do as many laps as they could!
Olly lead the way with 25 laps completed, meaning he did not stop running for 4 miles and 266 metres!!
Thank you to everyone who sponsored us :) 
Happy Red Nose Day from the Turtles!
The Turtles looked great in their costumes today and we enjoyed having the Puffins come and visit us with their favourite books!
Wow!  What a creative and varied range of Roman History Projects we enjoyed being clearly presented to us!
Fantastic work, Turtles!
Creative History Workshop!
Year 3 and 4 were treated to a visit from Marcus Dilly of Creative Education.  He brought our Roman topic alive as Julius Caesar and got the children involved in acting out the legend of Romulus and Remus.  They had a fantastic time!
The Turtles were extremely lucky to be visited by Marita from St John's Ambulance for the afternoon.  She talked to the children about how they could be proactive if they found someone lying unconscious.  
She taught them how to keep themselves safe in a situation like this and how to approach the person.  They were given the opportunity to use the Little Anne mannequins to check for breathing and give chest compressions.
Marita thought they had all been absolutely brilliant and was full of praise!  Well done Turtles!  
I feel a lot safer with you around...
Congratulations to our six Turtle cross country runners who did us proud at Seahaven Academy on Tuesday, 11th January.  Their hard work and determination was commendable and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves!  WELL DONE!
Fruit kebabs and Pizza bagels!
The Turtles had a super day today, making their kebabs and bagels!  
We have definitely had our '5 a day'!
Even Miss Wheelhouse and Miss Bashford couldn't resist...
Healthy Living at Denton!
For the next week and half the Turtles will be doing lessons based upon improving their physical and emotional wellbeing.
We are starting the year as we mean to go on!
Turtle and Penguin Christmas Singalong!
Thank you to all the Year 3 and 4 children who stayed after school on Tuesday 20th to entertain the crowds with their Christmassy singing.  
A wonderfully festive time was had by all!  The Penguins also sold their super handmade decorations. 
The Turtles made £30.15 from donations, thank you so much to all who came and supported us with our fundraising!
Mrs Riggs and Miss Bashford helped the Turtles to have some wintry fun before the end of term, making shortbread biscuits and then decorating them to look like melting snowmen!  They didn't last long before they were in the Turtle's tummies... 
Fantastic job with the Christmas performance Turtles!!
Best Attendance!
The Turtle Class were awarded the Best Attendance Award for Term 1!
Thank you to all the children and their adults for making such an effort to be in every day!  Let's try and win it this term, too!
Author Visit!
The Turtles welcomed local author David Fuller today, who came in to speak to us all about his love of football and writing.
It was very interesting to hear all about what it was like for him at school and his career after university.  The Turtles enjoyed acting out a chapter from one of David's 'Alfie Jones' books.
A most egg-cellent investigation!
Today we found out what had happened to the eggs we had left in the jars of liquid after a week and a half...
Miss Wheelhouse was nervous to say the least!
There was a lot of wide eyes and pantomime ooos and aaas as we discovered that it really isn't a good idea to drink orange squash or Coca Cola all the time, nor have too much vinegar on our fish and chips!
Milk did not do as much damage, though the eggshell had got quite thin, rough and discoloured.  
As predicted, the best liquid to keep our permanent teeth healthy was...
Super Science Investigators!
After learning all about teeth, the Turtles are doing an investigation to find out which liquids we drink and eat have the most effect on the enamel of our teeth.
They placed eggs into jars of Coca-Cola, orange squash, vinegar, milk and water.  We used eggs because eggshell is very similar to enamel!  We shall let you know what we discover...
Dream Jars
The Turtles planned, designed and made their own BFG dream jars using a variety of materials.  They had to problem solve to get their ideas as they wanted them.  They showed some wonderful imaginative ideas!
Chocolate Making Workshop
The Turtles were delighted to welcome Nathan and Lisa, professional chocolatiers from The Cocoa Box, to show use what chocolate looks like before it becomes the bars we can buy in the shops.  They taught us how to mix chocolate into a thick truffle mixture and pipe it, before rolling and decorating.  The Turtles had a wonderful time and needless to say, as much was eaten during the workshop as was taken home...
The Turtles did an outstanding job with their Rainforest Projects for homework - a lot of thanks I'm sure goes to the help and support from the adults at home!  We were treated to a variety of impressive models, factpages, factbooks and powerpoints, full of information!
I hope the Turtles enjoyed working on their projects as much as I enjoyed seeing them on presentation day.  Great work everyone, you should be very proud!
The Turtles enjoyed sharing their wonderful topic books with friends and family and talking about all the exciting learning we had done so far in Term 1.  Everyone tried some of Miss Bashford's Fizzy Lifting Drink and thankfully no one floated away!  (Burping was on standby if necessary).  Congratulations to Louie for winning the Roald Dahl Award - his Wonka Bar prize lasted 30 seconds!
Thanks to Mrs Riggs (Denton's equivalent of Mr Willy Wonka...) the Turtles have discovered what it is like to be sweet makers and chocolatiers!  They have created and tasted Peppermint Creams and utterly delicious Nishnobblers!
The Turtles have been learning about where chocolate comes from and so it seemed only right they tried an Ancient Mayan recipe for Hot Chocolate!  With a pinch of chilli and cinnamon, it wasn't an ordinary cup of cocoa...!
After seven weeks of suggestions, our two class mascots have finally been named Sheldon and Toodles!
Well done to Holly and Laighla who won the prizes for their ideas! 
Turtle Class Charity
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Roald Dahl's 100th Birthday Anniversary!
We dressed up as some of our favourite Roald Dahl book characters.  Can you work out who we are...?
Welcome to Turtle Class!
We are in Year 4 at Denton Community Primary School.
This term our Learning Journey is Roald Dahl.
We look forward to sharing all our fabulous learning with you on our class page!