Turtles (Year 4)

to our two Turtle representatives at Denton's Got Talent!  They showcased their talents and skills to the delight of the audience and judges and both scored extremely highly!

Year 4 Progress Cup 2018

is awarded to


Charlie Ashley

Charlie puts 100% effort into every lesson in every subject and has shown his natural talents in Science and Computing this year. 

Charlie listens to constructive feedback and takes on advice to improve his skills in   other areas, such as handwriting and spelling.

With such an excellent attitude to learning and self-improvement, Charlie will continue to progress consistently, impressing his new teachers year after year!

Miss C Wheelhouse - 13.7.18


Cup winners!
Congratulations to Ella for receiving Coach's 'Most Valuable Player of the Year' trophy and to our eight most resilient swimmers who each swam over half a mile and were deservedly awarded the Resilience Cup.
Fantastic Fundraisers!
On Tuesday, 3rd July we were visited by Stephen Marsh from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue - our class charity.
He brought along some friends in the shape of two inflatable seals, a bottlenose dolphin and an enormous pilot whale!
Stephen explained to the Turtles all the important work done by BDMLR and demonstrated to them how they safely rescue the marine animals that find themselves in places they should not be. 
The Turtles worked together to rescue the marine life we had in the field that day, listening very carefully to Stephen's instructions and making sure they took great care of the mammals.
Stephen was so very grateful for all the fundraising the Turtles have done this year and said they will put it towards some new seal pup rescue kennels.
Thank you for all your support and donations, the Turtles and I are absolutely delighted to tell you that we have raised...
Guess how many sweets are in the jar - £12.20
Cover the logo - £34.85
Sponsored Silence - £172.20
...which gives us a whopping total of £219.25!
Recorder Concert
4th July 2018
Brighton and Hove Progressive Synagogue
We went on the bus to visit the synagogue as part of our RE learning this term.  Pamela made us feel very welcome and explained the different features of the synagogue and the different things associated with Judaism and Jewish festivals.  We looked at a huge Torah made of animal skin and had a go at blowing the Shofar!  There were lots of things for us to look at and explore before Pamela gave us some Jewish Sabbath bread to share, called Challah, while she blessed the food.
What a lovely day!
to all our Turtles who represented Denton at District Sports 2018!
Mr Walsh came to enjoy one of our Spanish lessons and we impressed him with our language skills!  We worked in teams to race against each other and see who could label the parts of the body and face the fastest - and most accurately!
We then forced Mr Walsh to join us in singing 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' en español, which he thoroughly enjoyed!
Ancient Egyptians
Our final projects of the year were presented at the beginning of the term and we had the usual incredible level of quality and effort on show for the audience to enjoy!
I was particularly impressed by the extent of research carried out by a couple of the Turtles who had visited museums in Brighton and London, and also by the originality and thought put into making some projects!
Mia has an incredible attitude to school and her learning.  She sees everything we do as an exciting new challenge that she can work hard at and achieve great success in.  Everything she tackles is done with her full attention, effort, independence, resilience and always with the biggest smile on her face.

I am so proud of Mia’s amazing progress in Turtle Class this year and I know she will continue to triumph at Denton with such a fantastic approach to always doing her best.

PC Holt came to visit us to help us with our PSHE.
He taught us what anti-social behaviour was and we thought of many different types of ASBs to add to the board.  PC Holt then gave us 11 cards with different ASB scenarios on and we worked in groups to discuss and order them by seriousness.
Afterwards, we had time to ask him some questions (such as "why do you use pepper spray?") and passed around his Police Baton to see how heavy it was.
World Cultural Diversity Day
On Monday, 21st May we celebrated our differences and thought about what makes us, us.
The Turtles used their PSHE homework to create 'All About Me' books and designed their own outfits to dress the smaller versions of themselves!
Wonderful Water Cycle!
Our friends from So Sussex came to visit us for a workshop called "Water Matters".
We impressed them with our knowledge of the water cycle and enjoyed making natural filters to clean dirty water.
Tidemills Beach
The Turtles, Stingrays and Penguins visited Tidemills Beach on Tuesday 27th March as part of their Wondrous World topic in Geography.  We braved all types of weather as we enjoyed our beachcombing and pebble tower team games!
Thank you to the team from So Sussex for keeping us entertained!
We don't let a bit of snow stop us from celebrating the wonderful world of books!  
Denton celebrated our postponed World Book Day today, welcoming a variety of characters through the gates.
Turtle Class had made an exceptional effort this year, from Kid Normal to the Argos catalogue and everything in between!
We looked together at the picture book 'Fossil' and then created our own unearthed skeletons which we shall use in our literacy writing this week.
Ready, Steady, Read!
The Turtles took part in Ready, Steady, Read and enjoyed sharing books together and with our visitors.
Turtle Class Assembly
Spring 2018
We hope you enjoyed our class assembly on Tuesday, 27th March!
Here are some videos of our musical numbers so you can relive the highlights all over again...
Congratulations to our Turtles who played in the Year 3 and 4 Netball Team in the junior tournament at Seahaven Academy on Thursday 22nd February.
Not only did the team come second overall, but Mrs Savage and Miss Morgan were delighted by the children's superb teamwork and behaviour!
Geography Projects
Improving the environment
The Turtles wowed with their creativity and thoughtful projects at the start of this term!
So much effort had been put in and such great ideas shared about how to improve the local places they enjoy visiting.
Very, very impressive!
We visited St Leonard's Church in Denton and Louis and Jenny talked to us about Jesus and what he was like as a person.  Reverend Louis retold the Miracle of the Paralysed Man with a little help from the Turtles!
KS2 Christmas Production!
The Turtles worked so hard to make our Christmas show 'Are We Nearly There Yet?' a success!
They learnt their lines by heart, put 100% into every rehearsal and really were the stars of the show!
I am incredibly proud of them and hope they all enjoyed performing and singing as much as everyone enjoyed watching them!
Congratulations to the Turtles who represented Denton in the Year 3 and 4 netball match against Kingston & Iford!
An impressive 6-0 win and excellent examples of sportsmanship.
Delving into the Digestive System...
We recreated what happens in our stomachs when we eat food!  Using a freezer bag, cracker, water and orange juice, we worked in pairs to go through the digestive system functions.
We broke down the cracker, as our teeth would in our mouths, and added the water to represent the saliva helping the food down the oesophagus.  Once in the freezer bag 'stomach', we added the orange juice to act as the acid and chemicals and squeezed the bag to disintegrate the cracker.
If you ask us nicely we can explain what happens to the waste after the small and large intestines have taken the nutrients they need!
The Turtles are coming along fantastically with playing the recorder!  This week they improvised their own tunes and rhythms!
The Turtles presented their fantastic history projects this week!
What an amazing array of fact pages, posters and books, marvellously made models and perfect PowerPoints!
Well done, everybody, you showed how carefully you have been paying attention in our History lessons.
Laura from Herstmonceux Science Observatory spoke to us about light, energy and the electromagnetic spectrum.  She showed us how ultraviolet light works, lit up lightbulbs using a plasma ball and created lightning on a Van de Graf generator!  Super Science!
We were treated to a visit by a Viking on the 5th October (otherwise known as our good friend Mr Dilly from Creative Education)!  He entertained us, taught us facts we had not heard before and turned us into his Viking crew, all before ending on a story about the Viking gods (who looked rather familiar...)
Eggstremely Eggsperimental...
We are learning about teeth in Science and wanted to find out the effects of different liquids we regularly expose our teeth to.  Because eggshell is a similar mineral to the enamel of our teeth, we placed five brave eggs into jars filled with 100ml of water, cola, orange squash, milk and vinegar.
We are leaving them in there for two weeks - the Turtles are very keen to find out what has happened to them!
The Turtles had a wonderful time cooking (and eating...) like the Vikings with Mrs Duchossoy!
They made Viking bread, which they devoured hungrily for breakfast the next morning with generous helpings of honey, and Spiced Oat Cakes which were deliciously warm and full of apricots!
The Turtles really enjoyed reading, learning, performing and adapting poems by Michael Rosen this term.  They produced four poetry books (count them!) and also finished off the topic in style by writing Haikus about Freedom for National Poetry Day.
This term our Humanities topic is the Vikings.  We kicked off proceedings by making our own Viking helmets to make us feel the part.  I'm not sure the actual Vikings had such beautifully decorated armour, though...?
to Harrie and Minoa for being elected our Class Councillors, and to Chloe and Ethan for being elected as our Library Assistant Representatives!  I know they will all do an excellent job!
Welcome to Turtle Class 2017-2018!