Football v Meridian

19th November 2015
After a day of torrential rain, the skies cleared just in time for our biggest game of the season so far against the ever impressive Meridian. We began the game on the defence as Meridian kept possession of the ball and gave us lots of problems at the back; however, the team held strong and thanks to some excellent goal-keeping and some strong tackling from the rest of the team, we managed to keep Meridian at bay. And then it almighty half-volley from a Meridian goal kick which rocketed off both posts and into the back of the net - what an incredible goal! Denton, with tails up, then threw everything and the kitchen sink at the opposition, and took an incredible 4-0 lead at half time.
Meridian, to their credit, fought hard throughout the second half, but could not stop two further Denton goals. The final score was 6-0, largely because of Denton's clinical finishing and determination to win. A big congratulations to all the team!