General Information

The school governors are there to ensure that the school is running effectively, go give advice and sometimes to help make important decisions.   Governors include staff members, parents and other people from the wider community.

School governors meet 6 times a year, normally after school (4pm).  In addition, they occasionally visit classes during lessons to get a glimpse of the school day.  Governors give their time voluntarily.

Denton School is looking to recruit more governors.   Any skills, expertise and opinions that governors can bring to the job will be valued.   However, no special expertise is required to be a governor.

The governors have also set up a Parent Forum.  This is an informal group that meets once a term in order to voice parents' questions, concerns and suggestions for the school.  

If you are interested in becoming a governor, or joining the Forum, come and talk to any of the governors, call the school on 01273 513377 or email Amanda Townsend on

Mr George Bishop, Chair of Governors, can be contacted via the school or email

You can also find out more about being a school governor by clicking on the link below: governor